PURPLE KISS Open Up About Their Debut And More

What an amazing debut!

RBW’s new girl group PURPLE KISS held a showcase for their debut album Into Violet, which included an interview.

Park Jieun shared that she was grateful that they could debut due to the number of people who supported them. She said that it’s what she always dreamed of, but it still feels like a dream.

It’s a relief to be able to show the performance that we’ve been preparing for a long time. Since it’s a debut that we waited a long time for, I can’t help feeling deeply moved.

—Na Goeun


PURPLE KISS has been called “MAMAMOO’s younger sisters” as they are the first girl group to debut after MAMAMOO under RBW. To this, Dosie revealed, “It would be a lie to say that we didn’t feel the pressure, but that motivated us to work harder to prepare.” She said that MAMAMOO’s success makes them want to work even harder to meet everyone’s expectations.

The meaning of their group’s name, “PURPLE KISS,” is that the members bring their own colors to make a harmonious whole, just like purple is a harmonious blend of multiple colors. Chaein added that they are extremely balanced, making them unique from the rest. She shared that they are a group that can pull off anything.

Na Goeun


Their debut track, “Ponzona,” means “poison” in Spanish. Ireh said that she thinks the chorus is the strongest part of the song as it will leave a lasting impression.

There is a hand gesture that we do that looks like a ‘kiss’ at the part Ireh mentioned. I hope that people will look out for that.



Na Goeun, Yuki, and Swan participated in writing and producing “Ponzona.” Swan shared that the song was actually made as a trainee evaluation. She’s happy that it made enough impact to become their debut track.

It’s amazing just to release music under the name PURPLE KISS, but it’s even more amazing to have my name on the songwriting credits.

—Na Goeun

Park Jieun

Yuki, who is Japanese, added that it is still difficult to express herself in Korean. She hopes she can get even better at different languages to make even better songs.


The group concluded by sharing that their goal for 2021 was to win a rookie award.

Source: Sports Chosun and Star Today