PURPLE KISS’s Goeun Was Once In “Produce 48” And She Looks Completely Different Now

Just some change in makeup makes a huge difference.

PURPLE KISS made its fresh debut recently and member Na Goeun drew attention for her perfect visuals. However, fans were surprised to see that she once participated in Produce 48 as a trainee from RBW Entertainment.

Back then, she had a fresh image with light brown hair.

| Mnet

A pre-debut selfie showed off her innocent image and porcelain skin.

She looked like an absolute doll.

| Mnet

However, when PURPLE KISS released their image teasers, fans were surprised to note that Goeun had a glow up. Although she was adorable before, a few years into the game and she looks like a mature goddess.

Netizens noted similarity in features to ITZY‘s Lia.

Just getting rid of the bangs and dyeing her hair black made a huge difference.

| @RBW_Purplekiss/Twitter

Closer to debut, she revealed her newly purple-colored hair and matching icy lavender eye makeup.

Goeun also seemed to have lost a large amount of baby fat in her face, making her look more elegant than ever.

| @RBW_Purplekiss/Twitter

While she was a total cutie before, she has blossomed into an absolute girl crush!

We wish puberty would hit us that hard! Check out PURPLE KISS’s debut track below.

Source: theqoo
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