The Touching Reason Why Kep1er’s Yujin Was Emotional Seeing WJSN’s Bona Backstage On Queendom 2

They both have come a long way!

The competition on Queendom 2 is fiercely underway as the final episode approaches.

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Kep1er is one of the youngest groups on the show, competing against VIVIZ, Brave Girls, Hyolyn, Loona, and WJSN.

Kep1er debuted on January 3rd of this year, but their leader Yujin originally debuted with the girl group CLC in 2015. CLC was a group formed under Cube Entertainment, the company was recently criticized for its poor handling of the group after not scheduling them any activities in 2021 and only officially announcing their disbandment last week.

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Having your dreams come to a halt that way would be disheartening to most, but Yujin continued forward with the hopes to once again appear on stage. She said she had to take one last chance and participated in Mnet‘s survival show, Girls Planet 999, ranking third overall to earn her a spot in Kep1er. Knowing this makes her recent interaction with fellow Queendom 2 competitor, WJSN‘s Bona, that much more heartwarming.

In the last two episodes of Queendom 2, the contestants have been performing songs picked by the audience. It was in the latest episode that the touching interaction between Yujin and Bona was captured backstage.

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In the clip, Bona spotted Yujin and quickly approached the Kep1er leader. Before joining WJSN, Bona was a trainee with Cube Entertainment for six years before training with her current company for one year. This meant that her time as a trainee at Cube Entertainment overlapped with Yujin’s.

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Yujin told Bona, who is one year older, that she was a leader now. Bona remarked, “but you’re still a baby! Isn’t it hard?” Yujin, overcome with emotion seeing her friend, began to cry.

Yujin’s fellow members asked her later why she cried and she shared, “I’ve known her since middle school… I started crying before I even knew.” She continued, “We practiced together.

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The Kep1er members agreed that the shared nostalgia when meeting someone you trained with can be strange. Yujin concluded that the two congratulated each other on how far they had come.

The final episode of Queendom 2 will air on June 2 at 9:20 PM KST. You can check out Yujin and Bona’s full interaction below!

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