Eunha’s Funny Response When Hyolyn Picked VIVIZ As The “Worst Team” For The Round On “Queendom 2”

Even Hyolyn laughed from the funny response.

VIVIZ‘s SinB isn’t the only member who’s a professional at avoiding Mnet‘s habit of evil editing for Queendom 2. Eunha turned Hyolyn‘s tough decision on the show into an unexpectedly funny scene.

Eunha | Inkigayo

When Hyolyn had to make the tough decision on which group’s performance ranked below hers, the hosts announced her choice. They revealed, “As the worst ream, Hyolyn picked VIVIZ.

Rather than taking it negatively, Eunha did the exact opposite. Since Hyolyn is a senior artist who debuted in the popular group SISTAR back in 2010 and continues to be a fantastic singer, Eunha was touched. Eunha said, “I’m glad you picked us.

With that in mind, Eunha made them laugh with her unexpected positivity. She insisted that Hyolyn’s decision was actually a compliment because of how experienced Hyolyn was compared to the other contestants.

Worse than her? That’s an honor. We could’ve been worse than the other teams.

— Eunha

Eunha’s positivity even amused Hyolyn, who couldn’t help cracking a smile and asking, “Why are you so positive?

Since all the groups and artists had to vote, there were no hard feelings between them. In fact, Hyolyn recently named VIVIZ the group she’d want to be part of.


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