Here Is VIVIZ SinB’s Genius Way To Prevent Evil Editing From Mnet During “Queendom 2”

She had a little help from fans.

VIVIZ‘s SinB is known to look like this in front of fans — happy, bright, and cheerful!

But of course, no one can maintain a smile 24/7. This doesn’t mean that they’re upset in any way, though! SinB has also always been known for her chic, ice princess looks. This could have posed a problem on Mnet‘s Queendom 2, but SinB had a genius way to go around the issue.

Mnet is known for its evil editing, especially with contestant reactions on their shows. For example, the girls in Produce 101 were always edited to look competitive or cold when other contestants performed. In actual fact, they were either concentrating on their upcoming performance or just nervous.

Evil editing of Heo Chanmi during Produce 101. | Mnet

When SinB strolled up to the recording studio during the second round of battles, she held up an LED sign on her handphone. The sign tactically read, “I’m in a good mood, for real.” This contrasted with her straight face.

SinB holding the LED sign. | Mnet

She left no room for misinterpretation by stating that she was in the best of moods.

| Mnet

Eunha explained that they had all taken a nap on the way here, so they were happy and fresh.

| Mnet 

SinB even paired it with her comic walk.

| Mnet

Catch the iconic scene for yourself below.

As for the broadcast itself, she had a little help from fans. Fans had sent the VIVIZ girls little picket signs with various phrases on them. The phrases could be used to explain how they were feeling, such as “I’m not sleepy,” “I’m in awe at how cool [they] are,” “my [scrunched] brows are inherited from my dad,” “I’m focusing now” and more. SinB shared the photo through Dear. U Bubble to thank fans.

Picket signs from fans. | Dear. U Bubble via theqoo

The girls spread out all the signs in front of them during the broadcast. They could easily pick one to hold up while watching the other teams perform.

| Mnet

SinB went with “I’m focusing now” to prevent evil editing about her scrunched brows.

| Mnet

There’s probably no one as smart as SinB on the show when it comes to evil editing! Read all about how she was an unbothered queen about malicious editing in the first episode of Queendom 2 below.

VIVIZ’s SinB Proves She Doesn’t Care About Mnet’s Evil Editing During “Queendom 2” In The Most Iconic Way

Source: theqoo

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