VIVIZ’s SinB Proves She Doesn’t Care About Mnet’s Evil Editing During “Queendom 2” In The Most Iconic Way

SinB is trying to get one up on Mnet!

Netizens worldwide have been looking forward to Mnet‘s Queendom 2. After a long wait, the show finally aired its first episode. Queendom 2 is a survival show where some of the top girl groups compete against each other in various challenges.

Yet, many fans also had mixed feelings due to the previous history of Mnet and evil editing. In particular, one person they were worried about was VIVIZ‘s SinB.

VIVIZ’s SinB | @bscenez/ Instagram

Before the series even started, netizens shared their concerns for the idol. Although fans know SinB to be kind and humorous, Mnet has been known to edit her in a way that comes across as cold and stern during shows, and many thought it would be the same again.

It seems as if they were both right and wrong to be worried. When Mnet aired the first episode on March 24 (KST), one scene caught the attention of netizens.

After the teams had taken their seats, SinB was seen calling over to Cosmic Girls‘ Yeoreum. As SinB said, “Excuse me, Yeoreum,” Mnet edited it so it seemed dramatic when Yeoreum and the other members looked at the VIVIZ member.

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SinB then explained, “(Aren’t we) your seniors? Please hurry and tell your members that.” From the camera angles and the reactions, it seemed like Mnet wanted SinB to look like she was being rude or trying to intimidate their junior artists (as GFRIEND debuted a year before Cosmic Girls).

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They even put in shocked reactions from other contestants just to make it seem even more dramatic…

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Of course, anyone who knows about VIVIZ and Cosmic Girls knows that the members are all good friends. In particular, SinB and Yeoreum have showcased their friendship in the past.

Instead of gaining negative attention from netizens, many actually praised SinB for her appearance during the episode.

On social media, users joked that rather than Mnet “evil-editing” the idol, it was actually SinB playing on what she expected them to do and was trying to create drama with someone she was close with. They even joked that SinB was channeling her inner “Actress.”

It wouldn’t be surprising if SinB was actually trying to stir up drama and have some fun with Mnet. As someone who has been in the industry for seven years, SinB has called out Mnet several times for their evil editing during shows.

Even during the first episode of Queendom 2, SinB caught the attention of fans for her hilarious comment towards Mnet when she pointed out, “Mnet is cruel.

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Of course, it’s only been the first episode. Hopefully, SinB can continue to showcase her charismatic personality and throw Mnet’s evil editing back in their face by being in control. All of the groups undoubtedly have so much love and respect for each other. It’s a shame Mnet is trying to impact that.

Check out SinB’s “evil-editing” segment below:

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