(★UPDATE) YouTuber continues insulting BLINK and ARMY, calling BTS members “women”

The Youtuber tried to address the backlash he received for a BLACKPINK reaction video but just fueled the fire with more controversial comments.

The American “Youtuber” who came under fire for his racist comments against BLACKPINK claimed he made an apology for earlier comments, but did something else entirely.

The video was posted as a reaction video to BLACKPINK’s “So Hot”.


The “Youtuber,” JUSTiN’s WORLD, had previously posted a reaction to “DDU-DU DDU-DU” where he called BLACKPINK “hoes” and Rose a “slore”.

“Go see that video and then look at this video and you can clearly see that this is why the world is the way that it is today, because everybody is so sensitive.” — Justin’s World


In his video, he continues making more racist comments, and even mocked BLACKPINK by attempting to mimick them with some “Korean” singing.


He also called BTS “the other women” of K-Pop when he mistakenly mentioned BTS instead of BLACKPINK.

Fans are saying he is mocking BLACKPINK and insulting BTS in a desperate attempt to bring attention to his unknown channel.


As he was responding to comments on the previous video and this one, he told BLINKs who criticized his comments that they deserved to be slapped.

“Who even sits and types this bulls%$it? You need to be smacked. Everybody at the BLINK office, I just want to line up and single file slap the s*%t out of each one of them. I’mma double hands smack you.” — Justin’s World


He wrapped up the video by cussing at BLINKs for their hateful comments.

“To all you BLINK fans posting comments telling me to f*%$ myself, die, go to hell, displaying a bunch of head-assery, f#*% you. F*%# all of you.” — Justin’s World


BLINKs can’t believe his apology was made in such a crude way and many are commenting that he needs to own up to his insults.

  • “His apology is worse than Logan Paul’s.”
  • “I wish people could be reasonable and criticize K-Pop without being flamed, but there’s a difference between constructive and interesting criticism and then insults. You can’t just make excuses and say ‘ah everyone’s so sensitive’ – no, mate, you’re rude, own it, apologize properly and move on.”
  • “You are getting hate because you are disrespecting the language. You also make fun of their Korean words because some of them sound English (like the n word.) If you can’t stand not listening to another language then please stay with English music and stop annoying us.”


Fans also expressed their opinions on Twitter, to which he responded by using an inappropriate insult.


While everyone is entitled to their opinion, many agree this “YouTuber” took his reaction and comments too far.