Rain Confesses He’s A Whipped Husband

With the recent marriage announcement and the birth of a daughter between Rain and Kim Tae Hee, Rain revealed what he is like as a husband.

Rain appeared as a guest in a recent episode of Carefree Travelers. 

The cast members were dying to ask questions about the newly weds and their parenting life.

At times Rain didn’t know how to answer some of the questions thrown at him, but his thoughtful answers showed how much he cared for his wife.

When asked about the new born baby Rain said, “She thankfully has double eye lids, which means she will look more like her mommy than me.”

“I also think that you are not truly an adult until you actually get married and have children. I even tell my older hyungs who are single to get married all the time haha.”

– Rain

It seemed like Rain was truly enjoying his married life and growing mature.

As Rain continued to share about his life he shared a piece of advice to the married.

“It’s easier if you let go of your desires and put your wife’s interest first. Just let her do her thing. I am whipped, I gotta admit! Life is easier that way.”

– Rain

The other married cast members all laughed at his sincere advice and applauded him for being a sacrificial husband and father.

Source: Naver

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