Rain Helps Protect LOONA Chuu’s “Idol Image” After She Was Asked A Question About Romance

Rain’s veteran idol instincts kicked in during their adorable interview.

LOONA‘s Chuu was the most recent guest on Rain‘s show Season B Season, where she charmed viewers and the crew with her signature cheerful and kind personality.

LOONA’s Chuu | @king_snsntl/Twitter

Rain introduced Chuu as his guest by revealing they had met previously on a music show while promoting, and he shared that Chuu “has such a good personality.” He hilariously joked he felt that way until Chuu arrived to film Season B Season and claimed she was meeting him for the first time.

Chuu smiled and explained she was probably busy with promotions, which may be why their first meeting slipped her mind.

After poking fun, Rain shared that they would try different foods for their segment together, including two of Chuu’s favorite dishes, Rose tteokbokki, and mara soup.

They also ate candies, but there was a twist. While opening the candy wrappers and eating the candy, they couldn’t exceed a certain decibel level and had a decibel meter to catch if they went over. Their goal was to film an impromptu ASMR segment. While the production team was passing out the candy, they shared that one of the candy jellies had an advertisement that claimed it “tastes like a kiss.

The two idols were initially confused at the odd statement before Rain proudly stated he knew what that was like. Rain happily married the beautiful and famous actress Kim Tae Hee in 2017.

Chuu and Rain had a great rapport and playful chemistry throughout the interview, so Rain jokingly asked Chuu if she could relate to the statement about the candy. At the same time, Chuu cutely scoffed, and he moved along.

The two then tried the Trolli Kiss gummies, which tasted like strawberries. While eating the snack, the production team again asked off-camera if Chuu thought a kiss tasted like strawberries.

An unfazed Chuu skillfully answered, “I can’t know!” as Rain’s protective instincts kicked in and backed her up, adding, “how can Chuu know it?” while motioning for the production team to stop asking.

Rain’s thoughtful action prevented the question from being asked again, and they completed the fun interview without a hitch. 

Check out the full video below!