Rain Revealed Details On His Marriage To Kim Tae Hee And Their Intersting Household Rule

They have such a cute marriage.

On December 27, Rain made a special appearance as a guest MC on SBSMy Ugly Duckling and gave some insight on his marriage to Kim Tae Hee.

The main cast took a moment away from watching the shows main cast to ask Rain whether or not he does any housework. Rain gave a humorous reply:

I do everything myself. I try not to get help from my wife in most cases. That way I don’t get scolded.

— Rain

Rain continued to share that he even cooks for himself:

I buy myself food, but I only buy as much as I can eat. I’ll ask my wife beforehand, ‘do you want to eat? And if everyone says, ‘no,’ I’ll prepare food just for me, eat alone, wash my dishes, and clean up after myself. I prefer to do it that way.

— Rain

Despite Rain sounding generous with cooking and cleaning for himself, he shared an interesting rule within his household when MC Seo Jang Hoon asked him a question. Seo Jang Hoon asked Rain whether he would end up giving his wife a bite of his food if she asked him. Rain shared that he wouldn’t because of the house rule:

No I would not give her a bite. No. That’s the rule in our household.

— Rain

Rain shared that this situation had happened before and that he stuck by the rule:

Yes, there has been a time when this has happened and I said ‘no.’ I have a particular serving size that I try to eat in a day to feel full.

— Rain 

Luckily Rain shared that he does make a little extra in case his children ask for a bite. The host then questioned whether Kim Tae Hee is a good cook to which Rain confirmed she is:

Anything she cooks, I’ll eat it. Everything she makes tastes delicious. She is a great cook.

— Rain

Much like his Kim Tae Hee, Rain is also known to be a great cook. Every meal made in their household must be delicious!

Check out the clip below:

Source: Insight