RAIN Reveals How He Feels About K-Pop Trolls Mercilessly Making Fun of His Song “Gang”… And It’s Unexpected AF

Stan RAIN. Stan his coolness.

When RAIN released “GANG” in 2017, boy, did it receive a lot of attention — mainly for his avant-garde fashion and wild choreographic attempts in the music video.


Since then, the flow of attention has not once stopped. For years, K-Pop fans have affectionately “trolled” the first generation star for his largely experimental phase that was “GANG”. Eventually, the phrase “One GANG A Day” was born — pushing everyone to watch and cover RAIN’s “GANG” every day for fun and laughs.

Unfortunately, after a while, some netizens believed the teasing to have gone on too far, too long. They voiced their concerns with the online “insensitivity” that could well be hurting RAIN’s feelings.

In fact, earlier this month, the South Korean Government Organization for Statistics (Statistics Korea) KOSTAT had to apologize to the first generation K-Pop star RAIN

… for “mocking” his “GANG” music video. KOSTAT faced extreme criticism for commenting, “We are here today to calculate the daily gang stat” — then marking the view count with a playful unit of “UBD” which derived from RAIN’s past unsuccessful movie.

KOSTAT’s comment under RAIN’s “GANG” MV

We are here today to calculate the daily gang statistics. On May 1, 2020, 10:00 AM KST, the “RAIN – GANG Official M/V” clip has 6,859,592 views — at 39.831 UBD.


On May 14, 2020, however, RAIN appeared in the trailer for the upcoming episode of Hangout with Yoo…

… and hushed all trolls and concerns, as he reacted to his “GANG” controversy with 200% humor. The trailer captured RAIN cheekily commenting, “One GANG a day is not enough. You have to GANG after breakfast. GANG after lunch. GANG after dinner. Don’t even talk to me about GANG unless you can do three GANGs a day!

Why, how many GANGs do you do per day?


RAIN then also blessed the trailer with a sneak peek into his upgraded 2020 GANG moves…

… which are still lit-AF, as if to prove to the mockers that he is proud of his work, no matter how much fun it gets poked!

Watching the trailer, K-Pop fans couldn’t help but fall in love with RAIN’s “master ability to handle the trolling“…

  • “I mean, he is RAIN after all. No petty sh*t like this could possibly really matter to him. LMAO. He’s f*cking awesome, that’s what.”
  • “I love his outlook on this. It’s different.”
  • “Wow. I like the way he thinks.”
  • “The way he handled this whole thing shows how mature he is. His mind is strong enough, something like this couldn’t ever bother him.”
  • “RAIN is kind of f*cking awesome, man.”

… and with his passion for trying new concepts, pushing horizons, and owning every second of it.

  • “I love that he laughed about it and reacted to it with humor. How pleasant to see.”
  • “LOL!”
  • “This is why he has trolls but he doesn’t have haters. I feel like both the GANG thing and the UBD thing could have hurt his feelings. But the way he handled that with so much grace… He’s a real superstar.”
  • “Of course it’s not funny to see your own work get turned into memes. But the way he responded to it shows how grown up he is. I’m not a huge fan, but I have to say this was kind of charming of him.”
  • “LMAO. He’s so cool man!”
  • “What a heart of gold.”

Watch the trailer here:

And the now-legendary “GANG” MV here:

Source: Chosun and THEQOO