A Fan Asks Rain What Keeps Him Looking so Young, Rain Responds

That doesn’t sound so hard!

Rain recently posted a photo of himself promoting a skincare product and his “GANG” family attacked his post with comments.

Rain’s “GANG” family are fans who are in an inside joke of needing to watch his 2017 MV, “GANG” pretty much all the time.


And they didn’t hold back on his latest post.


One fan commented,

I “gang” before work, in the morning, at lunch, in the evening, and when I get off work. I’m a loyal fan! You’re so cool, Rain!

– Fan

And Rain himself responded,

I love your “gang.” Good.

– Rain

But another fan had a more specific question pertaining to his youthful visuals.

Oppa, tell me how you manage to avoid the aftereffects of time all by yourself. Is it because you avoid the sun?

– Fan

And that’s when Rain revealed the secret that everyone’s been wondering.

Just let flashy lights embrace you…

– Rain

Rain was born in 1982 meaning he’s 38 this year.


Not that it matters since age is just a number for him.

Note to self: Embrace good lighting!

Source: Dispatch