Wale’s Latest Tweet Has Fans Convinced He’s About To Collaborate With BTS

Rumors of a collaboration between BTS and Wale have been running wild, but this tweet has just sent them into overdrive.

On February 15, Wale posted a tweet that led fans to believe that a collaboration with BTS was in the works, stating that in a couple of weeks he’d be on the other side of the world. Today, he confirmed in a new tweet that he is, in fact, now in Seoul.


Having interacted several times in the past, fans have reason to believe that the two will be meeting again and that a collaboration is coming. After noticing that Wale had mentioned BTS in one of his songs, Rap Monster gave him a shout out on Twitter back in December. Around the same time, Wale tweeted “It’s in motion.”, which many took as a hint at the possibility that the duo would be working together.

Responses to Wale’s recent tweet show that many fans believe that him being in Seoul is confirmation of the collaboration, several tweets even tell him to “Say hi to Rap Monster“!

Seeing as Rap Monster has been a fan of Wale since pre-debut days, we can only hope that the speculation is right and that we’ll be seeing something from the pair in the near future!