Rapper Han Yo Han Suffers Cruel Comments After “Comparing Himself” to X1’s Kim Yohan

A “sasaeng” of X1’s Kim Yohan verbally attacked the rapper, Han Yo Han for sharing a post comparing the two stars.

Rapper Han Yo Han recently shared a screenshot of a post comparing him to X1’s Kim Yohan, and he ended up suffering cruel comments from one particular “sasaeng” whom he considered reporting.

Following the lighthearted post comparing the two stars for having similar names, a “sasaeng” filled his inbox with comments such as “I’ll rip your face to shreds“, “You’re so ugly“, “I’ll kill you“, and “Stop acting out“.

In response to the cruel comments, Han Yo Han told the “sasaeng” that he would report her through his agency.

But in a following tweet, Han Yo Han stated, “I decided not to report her and forgive her instead since she appears to be a young student. Thank you to other X1 Kim Yohan fans who apologized to me on her behalf, and I know you’re good people. And to my fans, I love you. I’ll take down the post and return with good music.

Source: Insight