Rapper Loco Spotted Directing Traffic at a Busy Intersection in Seoul

Netizens revealed that they met “Officer Loco” on the busy roads of Gwanghwamun.

In recent days, netizens shared photos of Loco and revealed that they met him on the busy streets of Gwanghwamun directing traffic.

The photos show Loco wearing a policeman uniform and working hard to fulfill his duties in the military.

He was even seen smiling at those who took pictures of him. It can’t be denied that he looked very different from how he looked before he enlisted in the military.

Despite looking more friendly and approachable then he did when he flaunted the rapper look, he still looked badass as he smiled at fans and directed traffic.

Loco enlisted in the military back in February, and following his 5-week training, he began his service in the police force.

He’s set to be discharged on September 12, 2020.

Source: Dispatch
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