Rapper Swings Is Thoroughly Confused About the Really Nice Comments He’s Been Getting About His Post-Diet Look

“Please just curse at me. Say mean things, damn it. Hate me.”

Swings has been updating his fans on his intensive diet and exercise for quite some time now, and from how he looks in his recent photos, his results are absolutely amazing.

Recently, Swings uploaded another post with the caption, “I can lose weight as long as I put my mind to it. I am skinny pork cutlets. I should upgrade myself, too. This is an auto-suggest.

And in response, fans commended him on his efforts and showered him with compliments such as “You look so much prettier“, “You have pretty eyebrows“, “You look a lot thinner and healthier“, and “You have a much cleaner look now“.

But when Swings saw this, he was thoroughly surprised and commented on the nice compliments with “Damn it, I can’t get used to this! I’m getting chicken skin!“, “Nice comment after nice comment. Huh?????“, and “What’s up with all you people?

He then continued to be playful with his fans by adding, “Please just curse at me. Say mean things, damn it. Hate me” and elicited laughter among the netizens.

Source: Dispatch
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