This is how rare TWICE Japanese members’ last names are

Netizens have discovered that TWICE’s 3 Japanese members, Momo, Mina, and Sana have this in common: their last names are all rather rare!

Momo’s last name, Hirai, ranks 168th in common last names, with around 125,000 people who share it.

In comparison, in the U.S., the last name “Ruben” is used by approximately the same number of people. 

Even in Momo’s home city of Kyoto, only 5,400 people share the same last name!

Momo’s last name seems, however, relatively common when compared to Mina’s. Myoui is way, way rarer: coming in at 15,142nd place!

There are reportedly only 370 people whose last name is Myoui, most of whom live in Kobe and in Hyōgo Prefecture (Mina’s home) where only 40 people share the same last name.

Finally, Sana’s last name, Minatozaki, is even rarer than Mina’s!

Minatozaki places 17,733rd on the list of common last names and is shared among only 280 people in all of Japan!

In Sana’s home city, Osaka, there are only 60 people who call themselves Minatozakis.

It’s amazing that these three popular K-Pop stars, whose first names have become household names, have such unique and rare last names.  

Source: Instiz

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