Meet Reah Keem, The Virtual AI “Influencer” That Has Been Garnering Heavy Popularity

She already has over 10,000 Instagram followers.

The usage of virtual artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly becoming a trend, as different companies have begun to utilize them. SM Entertainment recently debuted their newest rookie girl group aespa with this concept, which immediately hooked netizens in with the unique branding. Joining SM Entertainment with the utilization of artificial intelligence is another company and this time, it’s the electronics brand LG Electronics.

LG Electronics’ AI influencer, Reah Keem | @reahkeem/Instagram

Meet Reah Keem, LG Electronics’ virtual human “influencer” that they have been using to promote and introduce their newest products. While Reah may not be an actual human, LG Electronics has given her an identity that mimics the presence of a real human being.

The company utilized the movements and expressions of real actors to develop Reah Keem. It is said that LG Electronics took these real human movements and turned them into 3D images to create this AI character. For her voice, it’s been reported that after 4 months of natural language data collection, Reah Keem’s voice and vocabulary was formed.

| @reahkeem/Instagram

She has been given a name, an age, and an occupation, like that of a normal female human. Reah Keem is said to be 23-years-old and introduced herself as an “artist living in the beautiful, dynamic city of Seoul and making music and having real conversations with people.” To make things even more “real” is her very own Instagram page, where she uploads and creates captions like any other social media influencer.

She was presented at LG Electronics’ CES 2021 exhibition, where she introduced some of the company’s newest products to the audience. And while this may seem like a unique choice for the electronics company, Reah Keem is actually not the first of her kind. Louis Lee is a famous “YouTuber” who may look like a real human at first glance. Upon further investigation, however, it can be detected that Louis Lee is actually an AI human that uses “deepfake” technology to alter the face of an actual human.

Louis Lee uploads covers of K-Pop songs and dances onto her YouTube channel, but also shares her “daily life” through vlogs as well. She  breaks the boundaries of an AI influencer by modeling for different online clothing stores, expanding the resume of AI’s.

AI influencer Louis Lee | Naver News

Lil Miquela is another example of an AI who has taken on the industry by storm. She may be the most famous AI influencer, as she boasts almost 5 million followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube combined. She has worked for numerous different luxury brands, such as Calvin Klein and Chanel, which truly solidifies her status as an influencer. If that’s not enough to convince you, it was reported that Lil Miquela earned a whopping ₩13.0 billion KRW (about $11.7 million USD) in revenue for 2019.

AI influencer, Lil Miquela | Naver News

With the recent addition of Reah Keem to LG Electronics and the overall “team” of AI influencers, it seems like this may just be the beginning of the AI surge.

Source: LG News Room, Naver News and Image (1) and (2)