TWICE Chaeyoung explains the reason why she decided to cut her hair short

TWICE’s Chaeyoung revealed that Kristen Stewart was the inspiration behind her new shorter haircut.

At a fan signing event earlier this year, TWICE’s Chaeyoung came out with a completely new, and much shorter, haircut that immediately changed her image.

At this event, she revealed that Kristen Stewart’s role in her latest movie Equals had inspired her to cut her hair short, and it appears she will be keeping this hairstyle for their upcoming comeback with the title song “Signal”, composed and written by Park Jin Young himself.

“I felt this strong need to cut my hair short after seeing Kristin Stewart. After contemplating, I finally cut it.”

— TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Check out these photos of Kristen Stewart that inspired Chaeyoung to cut her hair!

Kristen Stewart looks very charismatic with a short cut. Source: Space
Chaeyoung also has an added level of charisma with a short cut. Source: Dispatch
Her confidence is striking. Source: Asia361
Chaeyoung rocks her short cut confidently. Source: Gasengi
Kristen looks so fierce. Source: IndieWire
So does Chaeyoung.

Source: Dispatch