The Real Reason Why BLACKPINK Rosé’s Entire Solo Album Is In English

The reason is just so Rosé.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé dropped her solo album with the title track “On The Ground”. While her vocals and visuals are absolutely groundbreaking (wink, wink), fans couldn’t help but wonder why the entire album is in English.

Not only is the title track “On The Ground” in English, her pre-release, “Gone”, was also in English. While fans have guessed that it was to cater to a more global audience, Rosé revealed the real reason during the press conference for R.

Rosé shared that she feels every song has a language it suits the most. In order to raise the level of completeness for her songs, she felt that they suited English the most. Although Rosé was worried fans would find it a pity they weren’t in Korean, her priority was to deliver a satisfying song with a high level of completeness.

If you’ve yet to catch the music video for “On The Ground”, make sure to tune in below.


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