The Real Reason GOT7’s Jackson Wang Always Seems To Be Drinking Alcohol

Hint: It’s not because he has a “drinking problem”

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has recently attracted a lot of attention for “drinking a lot,” but there is a reason the star can often be seen with a drink in his hand.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Singles Korea

Last year, Jackson released his first physical solo album, Magic Man, after a long wait, almost immediately jumping into his first solo world tour.

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Of the tracks on the album, “Champagne Cool” is a huge fan favorite, and as part of the live performances, Jackson would bring a bottle of the drink named in the title on stage. The artist would then take a swig of the drink, with most of it pouring out of his mouth onto his clothes.

This concept has continued into his recent performances, with the artist using the song “Poison” as the new time to take a “drink” from a bottle.

As Jackson often goes viral for many of the things he’s done, netizens have expressed concern for the artist over the last few months. The GOT7 member has held afterparties in locations worldwide and with drinks during those occasions as well, only fueling more opinions on the matter.

Jackson recently caused a stir online when he brought alcohol onto the stage with him at Coachella 2023, but there is an explanation behind the increased frequency he is seen with alcohol.

In June 2022, Jackson was named an ambassador for the famous whiskey Hennessy, featuring in multiple print and video ads for the brand.

Following this announcement, Jackson began bringing a bottle of whiskey on stage to take small drinks from, holding it in his hands while speaking. Fans quickly noticed that the artist, more often than not, would cover himself in the liquid, most famously dousing himself during his Coachella performance.

In the past, Jackson has fully committed to the various ambassadorship he has held, creating songs for both Pepsi and Fendi while working with those brands and advertising them in his personal time and performances.

Because of this, it is unsurprising that he has found ways to include Hennessy in his performances and appearances, like the sip he took from the drink while heading to the 2023 Met Gala.

The concern does not come from an unexpected place — in the past, the singer has been open about his highs and lows, citing a time when he drank daily and avoided contact with others. However, in the same interviews, Jackson stated that he no longer partakes in the same behaviors he did while at his worst mentally.

Luckily, Jackson is open with his thoughts and feelings and has let fans know they don’t have to worry about him!


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