This is what happened when two men tried buying EXO concert tickets

Two MCs experienced firsthand what it’s like to buy tickets for an EXO concert in Korea.

It’s no secret that buying a ticket for an EXO concert in Korea is difficult. Their concerts sell out extremely quickly because of how many fans want to see them live.

The Korean variety show, Your Delivery Is Here, shed some light on the struggles of EXO fans (and fans of many other super popular K-Pop groups) during a segment in which the MCs attempted to purchase EXO tickets for their client.

As they had never attempted such a feat, the MCs quickly researched some last minute tips.

Unfortunately, the two men were logged out of the system and had to log in again. Despite refreshing the page multiple times, they were still unable to purchase a ticket and were forced to wait.

After what must have felt like hours of waiting, the two MCs finally made it to the ticket purchasing screen…

Only to have their computer freeze!

Ultimately, due to high demand and issues navigating the website, the two MCs were unable to successfully purchase a concert ticket for their client.

The struggle of being an EXO fan in Korea is real!

Watch the two MCs try their hardest to snag an EXO concert ticket below: