What It’s Really Like Working With Zico, According To BOYNEXTDOOR

They explain why they find him “scary and cool.”

BOYNEXTDOOR debuted under Zico‘s label KOZ Entertainment on May 30, 2023, and the third-gen idol confirmed that he was acting as the group’s producer.

In a recent video with soloist Kim Jaejoong, three BOYNEXTDOOR members broke down what it’s like to work with the Block B member and company founder.

(From left:) BOYNEXTDOOR’s Leehan, Jaehyun, and Taesan, Kim Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

BOYNEXTDOOR’s Taesan, Jaehyun, and Leehan joined Kim Jaejoong as the first fifth-generation idols to appear on the second-generation idol’s popular talk show, JaeFriends.

Kim Jaejoong wanted to know what it’s like for the BOYNEXTDOOR members to work with Zico, and they honestly responded it was “scary and cool.

When Jaejoong asked Taesan why Zico was considered “scary,” he clarified that Zico gives direction effectively even if he doesn’t show it in his facial expressions and that he works at a quick but efficient pace.

Sometimes, this leads him to accidentally disengage the button that allows him to talk to the artist recording in the booth, leading his directions to get cut off, which can lead to confusion among the rookie idols. Jaejoong acknowledged that it sounded like an intimidating situation.

With Zico’s experience, Taesan admitted that he often gives them directions that are so detailed they can be confusing.

Jaehyun revealed that Taesan had once spent four hours working on one verse in the studio before it was deemed ready to use.

Overall, they enjoy their experience working with the senior artist and only hope to make him proud through their own musical artistry.

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