This Is The Reason Why IZ*ONE Is So Successful, According To The Korean Public

Here is what netizens think.

From the past Produce series and groups, IZ*ONE is one of the most successful groups. With many wondering how they managed to grow as much as they have, netizens named these three reasons as to how they rose to stardom.

The first reason: Even though Produce 48 is arguably the worst performing season in terms of viewership, they still received a lot of attention from the media, which helped with their debut.

The second reason: the debut line-up was chosen well. Though there were some controversies when the line-up was first announced, many agree that the group works extremely well together and that they each have their own charms to add to the group.

The third reason: their debut song was amazing. Netizens agree that their debut song matched them well and the cocnept suited them really well. Even those who never watched Produce 48 agrees that their song “La Vie en Rose” is a good track and helped their rise to fame.

With these three reasons, netizens believe that IZ*ONE will only get more successful!

Source: The Qoo