Here’s the Adorable Reason Why Kim So Hyun Is Following so Many People on Instagram

Kim So Hyun needs to be protected at all costs.

Actress Kim So Hyun is very active on her official Instagram account, which she uses to communicate with fans and share all sorts of content for all to see.

But what sets Kim So Hyun apart from other celebrities is the number of people she’s following on Instagram.

Most celebrities only follow their close friends and work relations on their Instagram accounts, so their “following” number usually hovers in the hundreds or even lower.

But Kim So Hyun is currently following 6855 people on Instagram.

And the adorable reason for why that number is so high has been revealed by a fan online.

I suddenly remembered this. When Kim So Hyun first opened her Instagram account, people would ask her to follow them back, and she would. It’s so funny and adorable. This is for real, hahaha. That’s why I followed her back.

– Netizen

According to fans, Kim So Hyun responded to requests to follow each other by actually following them back on Instagram.

This reveal is gaining much attention online for how it proves Kim So Hyun’s pure and lovable nature.

Some of the comments to the adorable news include “That’s actually so cute“, “It’s clear she really cherishes her fans“, and “I wonder if she still does that now“.

Kim So Hyun is truly one of a kind.

Source: Insight