The Reason Why You Rarely See K-Pop Idols With Young Bodyguards

It happens, but not very often.

Popular K-Pop idols can often be spotted walking around with bodyguards who keep them safe in public. As much as possible, they choose bodyguards who have years of experience in their field of work.

IU with her bodyguard

Professional K-Pop bodyguards Yang Tae Il and Jung Seung Min once guested on YouTube channel AYO to talk about their job.

Yang Tae Il (left) and Jung Seung Min (right)

One of the questions they were asked was if popular idol groups like BTS and BLACKPINK employ those who are at least a chief officer.

Should top idols like BTS or BLACKPINK have experienced bodyguards who are at least a section chief?

— K-Netizen

Jung Seung Min immediately agreed. When compared to older bodyguards, young ones tend to make more mistakes.

When they escort idols, sometimes young bodyguards make a mistake.

— Jung Seung Min

Yang Tae Il added that whenever the young bodyguards make a mistake, the idols are the ones who get harmed because they are right next to each other.

Since they’re standing right next to artists, artists get harmed if they make a mistake.

— Yang Tae Il

Knowing how much more protection idols need than the average person, it’s important that they’re kept safe by experienced bodyguards—and young bodyguards usually lack this experience.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon with her bodyguard

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Source: YouTube