Here Are 4 Reasons Why A Spanish Flight Attendant Absolutely Loved Korean Passengers

However, there was one quirk that she thought was “really weird.”

A Spanish flight attendant has belatedly begun to go viral for her insider intel regarding her experiences on different international flights.

Back in March 2021, Dinggle‘s YouTube channel uploaded a fun and lighthearted video with a Spanish flight attendant named Paula. She explained that while her job was tough, it was still enjoyable at times. With that said, Paula shared her personal reasons why she—along with the flight attendants that she worked with—“absolutely loved” having Incheon Airport flights.

Former flight attendant, Paula | @Dinggle/YouTube

Paula began by sharing that the main reason was because everyone that she worked with loved the “great manners” that Korean flight passengers seemed to possess. She then shared the exact reasons why Korean passengers stood out to the flight attendants and why they all thought the same thing.

1. Ability to notice their surroundings

1. Ability to notice their surroundings.

According to Paula, one of the biggest reasons why Korean passengers were so well-loved on her flights was because of their quick ability to notice their surroundings. The former flight attendant revealed that her job was made easy because of the little things that the Korean passengers would do, such as put their “tables down” when the food arrived.

They already know when the food is coming so all the tables are down. Usually when you serve an American or a European flight, the flight attendants have to ask one by one, ‘what kind of food do you want to eat’ or ‘do you want fish or do you want meat?’ For Koreans, they already know so they just say it all together.

— Paula

The former flight attendant also shared that Korean passengers rarely complained about anything, making all the flight attendants’ jobs much easier. She also shared that in addition to that, Korean passengers always have everything ready-to-go, making their jobs even easier.

“Korean people don’t complain about anything.”

Unless there’s a really big problem, Korean people don’t complain about anything. They prepare everything, like their passport and their boarding pass and they show you everything.

— Paula

2. Minimal stressful situations

2. Minimal stressful situations.

Paula moved onto the next point, which was related to their stress levels. The former flight attendant shared that when dealing with Korean passengers, her and her crew agreed that their days were less stressful because they just knew everything about their flights in advance.

Paula explaining that Korean passengers are always prepared and don’t ask questions to the flight attendants.

We never felt stress at all because they were always ready for the flight. They know what they have to do. They’re not going to ask you ‘where’s the boarding gate’ or ‘where’s the toilet’ or ‘can I do this or that.’ They don’t give us any burdens or stress.

— Paula

She then revealed that her experiences with Korean passengers were truly only positive because they’re really “kind and caring.” Because of this, Paula shared that she hasn’t had “bad experiences with Korean passengers.”

Caption: “Korean people have only left positive memories.”

They’re always really really kind and caring. They’re always going to be kind to you. I don’t really have any bad experiences with Korean passengers.

— Paula

3. They always follow the rules

Paula’s third point that she wanted to share with her viewers was that the boarding gate lines were always “clean and polite” whenever she was at Incheon Airport. However, she did admit that it was a “really weird” in the beginning when she first noticed Korean passengers’ line technique.

The order for the boarding gate is usually really clean and polite. They usually put their luggage in order so they don’t have to wait [in line] and they can go sit and wait. It was really weird, but I like it!

— Paula

4. They are always prepared

The former flight attendant then unveiled her final reason as to why she particularly loved Korean passengers—and it’s because they were almost always prepared and ready to go.

Everything is fast with Korean flights. You don’t have to worry about being late because it’s not going to happen with them. They are always punctual. They always come to the check-in counters on time, there are no late people, there are no people who will miss the flight because it’s not normal for them.

— Paula

In addition to that, Paula revealed that they are also extremely good with making sure their luggage abides by the airline’s weight rule.

Caption: “Per-fect.”

And they never have overweight luggage. You never have to tell them, ‘your bag is 3 kg (6.6 pounds) overweight’—no. They have everything 23 kg (50 pounds), 23 kg, 23 kg, which is the maximum. Everything is perfect. Which is why I say that Korean flights, for me, are the perfect thing to do for work.

— Paula

Caption: “Korean passenger characteristics.”

And there you have it! You can watch Paula talk about the Korean characteristics she— along with her former flight attendant crew—loved in detail down below!

Source: theqoo