Recent Photos of Jang Moon Bok’s Silky Long Hair Will Make Every Girl Jealous

His hair flip is filled with so much sass, it could kill us all.

Jang Moon Bok has a unique style that only he can pull off with this much confidence. Since his Produce 101 days, Jang Moon Bok has been well-known and beloved for his signature long hair.

In his recent pictures, Jang Moon Bok is still rocking his awesome hairstyle.


Even the wind works in his favor to make Jang Moon Bok look fantastic!


Fans continue to be amazed by how silky Jang Moon Bok’s hair seems.

Sometimes Jang Moon Bok curls his hair for the stage and it adds that extra shine. He looks so… beautiful!


Jang Moon Bok’s hair can be done in so many ways, fans are always looking forward to what his next style will be.

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Fans have fallen in love with Jang Moon Bok’s long haired look, ever since he appeared on Produce 101 with it.


Jang Moon Bok’s hair looks so silky smooth that fans and stars alike have been tempted to run their fingers through.

Jang Moon Bok mentioned in an interview, “I use treatment everyday. But I’m also born with really good hair that doesn’t need a lot of care.”


The long-haired K-Pop idol has shown off his fabulous hair flip everywhere. In fact, Jang Moon Bok’s awesome hairstyle even landed him a L’Oréal hair treatment commercial. Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch and Hankook Ilbo
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