Recent Story of a Woman’s Suicide on “Hi Bye, Mama!” Is Actually Based on a True Story

The real incident took place back in 2016.

On the most recent episode of Hi Bye, Mama!, it was revealed that the ghost character, Park Hye Jin (Bae Yoon Kyung) who died of suicide, chose to end her life because of bullying at her workplace.

In the show, Park Hye Jin studied very hard to achieve her dream of working at a fashion company, and she did it.

But as soon as she entered the company, she suffered from bullying by her fellow colleagues, ultimately leading to her suicide.

As soon as this episode aired, online communities claimed that his storyline is based on a true story from back in 2016.


Back in 2016, a young woman, Ms. A studied with all her might to enter a fashion company, but she ended up becoming the victim of workplace bullying.

For example, when Ms. A was picking up garbage from the floor, her colleagues threw a sharp pin on the floor.

As a result, Ms. A texted a friend, “I’m being bullied“, “I think they’re telling me to die“, and “It’ll all be solved if I disappear“, and ultimately ended her own life.

It has also been said that Ms. A’s bullies, as well as her other colleagues, didn’t visit her grave following her passing.

What’s even more devastating is the fact that Ms. A’s boyfriend also chose to end his life after his girlfriend’s passing.

The 2016 case was covered in MBC’s PD Note where Ms. A’s former company claimed that such bullying never took place and that the family’s claims are false.

Source: Insight