Where Is She Now? The Recent Whereabouts Of “Dance Prodigy” Na Haeun

From viral sensation to rising star Na Haeun may finally be preparing for her official debut.

Na Haeun has been described as a “dance prodigy,” and despite being an ’09-liner, she’s been a public figure for nearly nine years.

Na Haeun first appeared on the popular variety program Star King when she was only three years old. When she turned five, her first dance cover was officially uploaded to her YouTube channel, Awesome Haueun, and a star was born.

Na Haeun on “Star King” in 2015

Na Haeun’s first YouTube dance cover to Apink’s “Mr. Chu” 

Na Haeun’s impressive expressions and sharp dance moves at such a young age quickly caught the attention of netizens and the media.

Many fans will know Na Haeun from her dance cover medleys at the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Melon Music Awards (also known as the MMAs), which had even K-Pop stars becoming her fans.

TWICE’s Mina reacting to Na Haeun’s “Knock Knock” dance cover at the “2017 MMAs”

She sang her first original song, “So Special,” in 2018, which was released along with a notice stating the song would not be considered her official debut as her parents, who manage her social media, dispelled fears she was being overworked and taken advantage of.

She is not preparing to become an idol. NOT YET. She doesn’t go through hard core training like other kpop trainees! Her hobby now is dancing so we just wanted to support her in this area as she loves doing these things! When she is older and wants to become a singer/idol we will then support her through becoming an idol.

— Message to fan’s on Na Haeun’s solo song release

Na Haeun continued to upload dance covers and other content to her YouTube channel on a regular basis until 2022, when it was confirmed she was signed as an SM Entertainment trainee.

Na Haeun in 2022. | @awesomehaeun/Instagram

After joining SM Entertainment, her YouTube videos have stopped, and her Instagram updates have become infrequent, though her parents will share new photos of her from time to time.

Na Haeun in February 2023 | @awesomehaeun/Instagram

SM Entertainment recently held a trainee showcase where they displayed some of their trainees’ talent, and Na Haeun was spotted among the line-up.

Fans are anticipating that the talented “dance genius” Na Haeun will make her official debut in SM Entertainment’s upcoming girl group, which is believed to have eight members.

A new photo of the eight members | @sment_training/Instagram

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