Popular SM Entertainment Trainee Missing From The Recent Showcase, Fans Allege She Has Left The Company

She joined the company in 2019.

Today’s SM Trainee Showcase revealed 21 trainees to 50 lucky fans who had the opportunity to watch several performances with different combinations of trainees. The showcase brought forth some exciting news about fans who have been diligently waiting for the debut of a new SM Entertainment group and hopefully see their favorite trainees make it in the industry.

| @sment_training/Instagram

Among the aspiring future idols of the company, the attendees noted a few already-known names, such as Na Haeun, but some were also missing. In particular, the popular SM trainee Helen did not appear during the showcase at all, leaving fans to assume she has left the company.

Helen was first revealed as an SM trainee back in 2019, almost four years ago, when the academy she trained in, SL Studios Academy, posted a congratulatory message for the young trainee on their Instagram.

In a, now made private, introductory video for the academy, Helen revealed that her full name is Lee Hyejin and she was born in 2003. She also shared that when she turned 4 years old, her family moved back to Brisbane, Australia. Seemingly, Helen returned to South Korea to pursue and reach her dream of debuting as a K-Pop idol.

As usual with SM trainees, not much was known about Helen, as the company likes to keep all information tight until the trainees make their official debut. However, eager fans were able to find some general information about her, as well as several dance cover videos.

For example, fans have assumed she is friends with NewJeans‘ Hyein. Helen is seen doing a dance cover of ITZY‘s “Dalla Dalla” together with the NewJeans’ star.

SM fans had already grown fond of the trainee, thus, the news reported by the showcase’s attendees that Helen was not part of the event left many shocked and upset.

However, there are also fans who haven’t lost hope. Some have assumed SM Entertainment might be keeping the trainee away from the spotlight until her debut. Others have noted evidence of Helen’s family members liking the recent posts about the trainees on SM Entertainent’s official Instagram account, made specifically for their trainees, as well as following the account.

As there is no confirmation whether the 21 trainees revealed during the showcase are all the current trainees under SM Entertainment, fans will continue to anxiously wait for updates regarding Helen’s future.

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