New Female Trainee From SM Entertainment Revealed

She’s from a foreign country.

SM Entertainment rarely reveals their trainees, but a new face has just been made known!


Lee Hyejin, also known as Helen, is a trainee from SL Studios Academy in South Korea. Her training there helped her pass SM Entertainment’s rigorous auditions, and they couldn’t be happier.

SL Studios recently posted congratulatory messages on their social media pages to announce her achievement.


They revealed that Hyejin is a 2003-liner who moved to Brisbane, Australia, when she was just 4 years old.


She came back to Korea to reach her dream of debuting as an idol.

SM Entertainment is known to be gearing up to debut a new girl group. While Hyejin is not confirmed to be part of this lineup especially as a new addition to the company, she is one of the few trainees to be revealed to the public.

Catch her introductory video below:

Source: SL Studio