Red Velvet Is Coming To Save The Summer, According To Netizens

Red Velvet is the saviour of the season.

Red Velvet‘s imminent comeback track “Power Up” is touted as an addictive and up-tempo pop song, and fans have high expectations for them to “save the summer”.


Teaser images show the girls sunbathing, and their mini-album “Summer Magic” has been revealed to include a bonus track – an english version of “Bad Boy”, which was teased at KCON New York.


With tidbits like these, fans are calling Red Velvet’s return the comeback of the summer.

  • “My summer energy is Red Velvet.”
  • “Red Velvet is the best!”
  • “Summer queens to end all summer comebacks”


Fans aren’t the only ones – Korean media outlet Osen even titled their article “The Summer Queens to End All Summer Queens Are Coming”.


Fans are guessing “Power Up” will be a mix between “Russian Roulette” and “Cookie Jar” or “Aitai-tai”.


ReVeluvs don’t have too long to wait since the album drops on August 6th, and the girls are scheduled to appear on variety shows this week!

Source: Osen

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