Red Velvet’s Back Dancer Makes Headlines For Her Gorgeous Visuals And Body Proportions

Holy moly she is a stunner 😍

A female back dancer for Red Velvet has been making headlines for her stunning visuals! Kim Hyun Yi is a well-known dancer that has been captured performing on stage with the beautiful ladies of Red Velvet. And while her dancing abilities are surely outstanding, the dancer’s idol-like visuals has taken the internet by storm!

Dancer Kim Hyun Yi | @hyuni93/Instagram

The back dancer has an impressive resume, having formerly danced for not only Red Velvet, but Super Junior2PMBoA and more.

Kim Hyun Yi (middle) with Red Velvet’s Irene (left) and Seulgi (right) | @hyuni93/Instagram

Her stunning visuals have always been apparent, but a fancam of the dancer has recently begun to make headlines for her beautiful stage presence alongside the Red Velvet members.

Here she is dancing next to Yeri, who is known for her perfect visuals. However, Kim Hyun Yi looks like another female idol dancing along with the Red Velvet member!

Here is a closer shot of the gorgeous dancer doing her thing on the stage.

What a gorgeous lady! She may be a back dancer for now, but we get a feeling we will be seeing more of her face in the future.

Source: WikiTree

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