Red Velvet Fans Accidentally Clowned Themselves While Waiting For The “Birthday” Music Video Teaser

They waited all night for nothing.

ReVeluv, Red Velvet‘s official fandom, has been keeping a close eye on the teasers and promotions for the group’s upcoming comeback single “Birthday,” which will be released along with the entire extended play, The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday, on November 28, 2022. So far, there have been preview images of all the members and a sneak peek into the album’s contents, which went viral for its creative packaging. Red Velvet also released a schedule for the upcoming activities leading up to the album launch.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

Fans were incredibly excited for the music video teaser, listed to come out on November 27, 2022, which was the final preview before the music video’s release. Many ReVeluvs assumed it would be out at midnight since the concept photos and album details were posted then.

Fans were shocked when they stayed up until midnight KST on November 27, and nothing was posted! Unlike previous previews, the music video teaser would be released later. Netizens on Twitter had the best reactions after realizing they had clowned themselves.

Some decided to take matters into their own hands and make a meme version of the teaser.

ReVeluvs also jokingly blamed the “intern” in charge of Red Velvet’s Twitter account, saying he forgot to make the post.

It has since been announced that the music video teaser will be out at 6pm KST. ReVeluvs will definitely be there on time!

Watch the mood sampler for Red Velvet’s “Birthday” below.

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