Some Red Velvet Fans Believe That Joy is A Clone, They Have Alleged Proof

There’s a theory floating around among ReVeluvs that Red Velvet’s Joy is actually a clone. 

While it might sound like just a compliment that she’s too perfect to be human, there’s actually a lot more to it than that. 

And the theory includes evidence that dates back all the way to Red Velvet’s debut. 

While all the members were formerly members of SM Entertainment‘s trainee group SM Rookies, Joy was not. 

And during Red Velvet’s debut promotions for “Happiness,” her teasers were unique among the members. 

While the Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy teasers looked quite similar, only Joy’s teaser was a full-body pose. The background of her teaser also didn’t match her color.

Given a closer look, fans also realized that for some reason, Joy’s crown had a big jewel embedded in it, while the others did not. 

During “Ice Cream Cake” promotions, Joy’s teaser was also unique among the five members (after adding Yeri). She was the only member not to have a portrait shot!

And in the music video, the girls looked in awe through the window as Joy stood outside by herself. 

The theory went on further during “Dumb Dumb” when Joy was the only member to not stand on one foot during the teaser image. 

Ironically, Joy was the only member NOT to be cloned and placed on a conveyer belt in the music video for “Dumb Dumb.”

In the music video for “One Of These Nights,” Joy was the only member who was not wearing a white robe while in the forest. Instead, she wore a black dress.

For “Russian Roulette,” Joy’s teasers were the only ones that had a white border around it. 

And during the music video for “Rookie,” Joy started the video by showing the girls a mysterious pink object, and also didn’t sit with them on the little boat at the end. 

Most recently for Red Summer, she held a mysterious green light in the teaser.

It’s still unknown if these differences have any real meaning, but they’ve definitely sparked some interesting fan theories!