Red Velvet Gets ‘Close’ to International Fans in New Ellie Goulding Remix

Wendy & Yeri got to show off their songwriting skills.

After being revealed on April 4, on April 5 Ellie Goulding’s remix of “Close To Me” featuring Red Velvet and Diplo was released. Red Velvet posted a snippet of the collaboration on their twitter account.

Something that’s striking about this collaboration is the fact that rather than opting to sing in English, Red Velvet’s verse is in Korean. Most of the time, when collaborating with English speaking artists, idols will also sing in English, but Goulding and Red Velvet instead mesh the two languages perfectly in this track.


The Korean lyrics were written by Wendy and Yeri. Yeri also co-wrote her SM Station solo song “Dear Diary”. Amazingly, not only do the Korean lyrics mirror the English lyrics, in a lot of spots they actually softly rhyme with their English counterparts. Rhyming across languages isn’t an easy feat, and is evidence of Wendy and Yeri’s excellent songwriting skills.

Yeri (left) and Wendy pictured in The Perfect Velvet album pictorial.

This is Red Velvet’s first music release since January’s Japanese comeback “SAPPY.” The ‘Close To You’ remix is available on all major music platforms.


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