It Was Red Velvet Irene’s Birthday — But She Was The One Giving Out Presents!

“Santa Irene” is back again.

Red Velvet‘s Irene celebrated her 32nd birthday on March 29. She had a lot of content prepared for her fans, including the announcement of her birthday party event on April 13.

Irene also filmed a vlog in which she tried a hand at pottery! The video uploaded on Red Velvet’s official YouTube channel has over 100,000 views and has already surpassed 16,000 likes. During the vlog, Irene explained that she would handmake 13 vases for a few of the lucky ReVeluvs that will attend her birthday party. Fans loved her idea and praised Irene’s thoughtfulness, something which they’ve grown fond of ever since Red Velvet’s debut in August 2014.

Similarly, fans themselves had a lot prepared for Irene. By organizing countless fan cafe events, showing billboard and subway ads all over Seoul, and even covering a bus with her pictures, ReVeluvs turned Seoul into what they called “Irene City.

The Red Velvet star even made fans’ day when she revealed she had visited one of the birthday fan cafes herself, despite being busy with concert preparations. Irene took to the popular fan platform DearU Bubble to send fans a few pictures she snapped at one of the cafes — sending ReVeluvs into a frenzy.

Though, Irene’s real character came out when several backup dancers took to Instagram to post several pictures on their stories.

Irene, together with the other members of Red Velvet, is currently undergoing preparations for their fourth-ever concert in Seoul R to V. The girls have all been practicing hard, with fans even joking about how they must be “sleeping and eating” in the practice room. Irene even mentioned that, because she was busy practicing, she couldn’t have cake or stick to the tradition of eating seaweed soup on her birthday.

Of course, together with the Red Velvet, there are also dozens of backup dancers practicing. A recent video posted by the concert’s performance director shows the sheer amount of work that’s going into making the event perfect for ReVeluvs.

Because of this, it seems like Irene had the sweet idea of giving out vitamins to their dancers. After uploading some pictures where Irene is seen holding a birthday cake, likely celebrating her birthday with the members and staff, the dancers also uploaded photos of vitamin bottles thanking Irene and tagging her Instagram profile.

Fans found it super adorable that even though it was her birthday, Irene still found a moment to think about her staff members and show how much she cares about their wellbeing.

This is only one of the times Irene gifted presents to her staff members as an expression of gratitude for their hard work. Previously, she’s chosen many items as gifts for them: from AirPods to handwritten letters and luxury loungewear.

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