Red Velvet’s Irene Reveals Pictures Right After Her Wig Came Off — And Her Visuals Will Still Blow You Away

She suits every color.

Fans have fallen in love with Red Velvet Irene‘s visuals in a blonde wig.

She chose to wear a blonde wig for her “Monster” promotions as part of IRENE & SEULGI in order to avoid more damage to her hair from dyeing it.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

It seems to be a good choice for idols who face constant hair damage from continuously bleaching their hair to achieve the vibrant colors that K-Pop artists are known for.

Irene revealed her hairstylist wouldn’t let her proceed with the blonde styling since her hair is already in a damaged state, so a wig would be the perfect option.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

However, Irene still looks just as beautiful the moment she takes the wig off!

| @hyuni93/Instagram

– Her face wins everything

– Seriously pretty.. It’s good to wear wig and protect your hair

– Irene is perfect, she’s pretty no matter what she doesㅠㅠㅜㅠ

—  TheQoo netizens’ comments

| @hyuni93/Instagram

At the end of the day, Irene can basically rock any color she tries.

Do you prefer dark…

| @renebaebae/Instagram

…or light?

Luckily, wigs open up the possibility for her to try many colors — while keeping her scalp safe!


Source: TheQoo

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