Red Velvet’s Irene Was the Definition of Class and Royalty at the 29th Seoul Music Awards

All hail the queen!

The 29th Seoul Music Awards recently took place where countless idols graced the red carpet with their stellar visuals.

As usual, Red Velvet dazzled fans with their neverending beauty, but there was one member in particular who drew a lot of the spotlight.


Irene always slays the red carpet with her flawless visuals, but what especially stood out about this appearance was her class.

She appeared in a navy off-the-shoulder dress paired with elegant jewelry and hairdo.

Not only did she look refined, but she almost looked like royalty.



Irene confidently revealed her collarbone and shoulders…

But the dress had a way of making her look like an actual princess every step she took.

She must secretly have royalty in her blood…

Because damn.

All hail the queen!

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