Here’s A Rare Sighting Of Red Velvet’s Irene Scolding Her Dancers In The Middle Of Practice

Don’t mess with Irene!

Red Velvet‘s official YouTube channel recently released a behind-the-scenes vlog of Irene and Seulgi filming a choreography video for their comeback song, “Monster”, where Irene showed a side of herself that is rarely seen.

Upon arriving at the studio, Irene and Seulgi were confident that they would kill the choreography.

We’re more than enough. We could film it right now.

— Irene and Seulgi

But contrary to their expectation, the initial part of their practice was chaos, eliciting much laughter in the studio.

In particular, the choreography was so intense that one of the dancers discovered their hair tangled.

And Irene wouldn’t have it.

She stomped her foot and jokingly scolded her dancers.

What’s going on here? We have to get moving on Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi choreography!

— Irene

Irene even shouted,

Do you all want a group scolding?

— Irene

The adorable scolding was so unlike Irene that a staff member even threatened Irene with it.

I just filmed you disciplining them.

— Irene

But Irene just acted like nothing happened.

Who? Me?

— Irene

And fans are wishing that it was them who was disciplined by Irene.

  • I’m so jealous of the dancers.
  • I wish she would discipline me.
  • This unnie is so cute.

Check out the adorable footage of “scary” Irene below:

Source: Insight

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