Netizens Can’t Believe How Different Jessica, IU, And Red Velvet’s Irene Look In The Same Dress

It’s the same dress but it has a completely different feeling.

Oftentimes when celebrities are spotted in the exact same outfit, people can’t help but compare them and often argue over who wore it better. Netizens, however, aren’t arguing over who wore the dress Jessica, IU, and Red Velvet‘s Irene wore. Instead, netizens can’t get over how different each of them looked in it!


The silk dress with a subtle floral pattern on it is already beautiful but netizens can’t get over how beautiful Irene, Jessica, and IU look in it. Many netizens have been saying that IU looks very fresh…


Jessica very elegant…


And Irene very innocent in the piece!


Although they know that the piece is the same outfit, they can’t help feeling as if each of the celebrities gives off a completely different feeling in the dress.


With each of their own stunning visuals, it’s no wonder netizens have fallen in love with them!

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