Red Velvet’s Irene Radiated Pure Elegance In Her New Angelic Instagram Pics

Irene had everyone’s heart fluttering with her ethereal beauty:

Red Velvet‘s Irene is talented, sweet, caring, smart, and an absolute visual queen. Everything about her is simply angelic and recently, ReVeluv got an extra dose of her angelic charms through Instagram.

On June 17, Irene headed to her personal Instagram to share some absolutely lovely pictures with fans.

In the pics, Irene wore a white shirt with a frill highlight that truly accentuated her elegant radiance. Pairing the look with a simple-neat ponytail, Irene captivated with her charms.

And to top off the look, Irene showcased her signature heart-fluttering smile and a few adorable poses to steal even more hearts. Ethereal, elegant, kind, sweet, and caring; there’s no doubt that Irene is a true angel!

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