Red Velvet’s Irene Shows Off What Being An Idol Group Leader For 9 Years Looks Like

She flexed how well she knew her members.

Red Velvet celebrated their much-awaited comeback, “Birthday,” by playing games and bonding in a video uploaded to their YouTube channel.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

The girls showed 9 years’ worth of incredible teamwork and chemistry, all while giving their fans, nicknamed ReVeluvs, some hilarious and iconic moments.

Red Velvet | Red Velvet/YouTube

The members also had to answer some tough birthday-related trivia questions to test their friendship and memory. Some were extremely specific, like, “What day of the week is August 1, 2014?” In a shocking twist, Red Velvet’s leader Irene remembered it was a Friday since it was the day of Red Velvet’s first show together!

Irene also flexed her knowledge as the group’s leader in another question, “What is the sum of birthdays of the members?” Before the other members could even react, she gave the correct answer, “1968,” after adding 329 (March 29, her birthday) + 210 (February 10, Seulgi‘s birthday) + 221 (February 21, Wendy‘s birthday) + 903 (September 3, Joy‘s birthday) + 305 (March 5, Yeri‘s birthday).

She also teased Yeri for not knowing any of her unnies’ (the word Korean women use to refer to older women) birthdays since all she could remember was her own!

Ultimately, Yeri had to ask Seulgi for help recalling Joy’s birthday, leaving only painful and funny scars behind.

Watch the full video below! Irene flexes her knowledge as Red Velvet’s leader at the 7:11 mark.

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