Red Velvet’s Irene Has A Special Skill That All Parents And Teachers Need

Behold the power of Red Velvet’s leader.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a woman many skills, but some of her hidden talents have taken her fans by surprise.


In addition to being able to sing, dance, and look 100% gorgeous 100% of the time, Irene can also…


…effortlessly raise one eyebrow…


…and hold the world in her tiny hands.


One particular hidden talent, however, has proven to be especially useful during Red Velvet’s live shows.


With a single “shh” Irene can instantly silence an entire screaming crowd of ReVeluvs!


Instead of raising her voice, Irene has used her legendary “shh” on many occasions…


…and it has worked every time!


Fans who have witnessed this  “shh” can’t get over the power of “Mother Irene”.


Irene uses this “superpower” at concerts, but it could come in handy in many other situations. Parents, for instance, would probably relish the ability to hush their kids with a single “shh”. Teachers could also use Irene’s “shh” to silence their rowdy students!


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