Red Velvet’s Irene Stole Everyone’s Breath With Her Dazzling Visuals In Never Seen Before Grazia Pics

It was definitely worth the wait to see these stunning photos:

A year can seem like a very long time especially if you’re waiting for something, but that wait is always worth it as Red Velvet‘s Irene proved!


Last year, Irene dazzled in her pictorial with Grazia Korea. Her visuals, as always, were gorgeous, stunning, and pure Irene perfection!


Although behind-the-scenes photos aren’t always a given, ReVeluvs were ever hopeful that they’d get to see even more breathtaking photos of Irene from her photoshoot with the magazine. With that, the waiting game was on.


As the months went by, the chances for more Irene Grazia photos seemed less likely until now! After a little over a year later, Irene has blessed fans with some of those never before seen pictures from the photoshoot!


Irene just surprised fans with some of those stunning pictures via her Instagram account.


In the photos, Irene takes fans behind the shoot and teases everyone with her sweet smile and even sweeter personality!


Although it’s been a little more than a year since the original photoshoot…


Seeing Irene’s bright smile, dazzling visuals, and heart-stopping charms on full display was definitely worth the wait!

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