Fans Can’t Believe How Short Red Velvet Irene’s Walk Was in a Recent Vlog

“That’s the shortest walk I’ve ever seen.” – Netizen

SM Entertainment recently shared a vlog of Red Velvet‘s Irene titled, “Homebody Irene’s Daily Routine”, and the title wasn’t lying.

In the shared vlog, Irene takes a nice walk around the neighborhood.

She excitedly expressed,

I’ve never been here before, so I thought I’d take a walk around.

– Irene

When she saw a mint-colored building, Irene even exclaimed,

That mint building is so pretty!

– Irene

But after that, Irene immediately went back to her hotel, making fans burst into laughter.

Not only did Irene return almost right away, but she was exhausted.

I’m back at the hotel. Phew, my legs hurt.

– Irene

She even panted while going up the stairs, and the unexpected charm put a smile on everybody’s faces.

After that, Irene shared footage of herself drawing on her bed or eating at the restaurant inside her hotel like the adorable homebody she is.

Fans are reacting to it with comments such as “She’s so adorable“, “That’s the shortest walk I’ve ever seen“, “She’s definitely a homebody“, and “She gets tired really quickly“.

Check out Irene’s full daily routine below:

Source: Insight

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