Red Velvet Joy Criticized For Poor Acting Skills On First Episode of “Great Seducer”

“The Great Seducers” receives the lowest audience rating among dramas of the same showtime.

The new drama Great Seducer has received a low audience rating of 2% within just 2 days of airing its first show.


According to Nielsen Korea, episode 3 and 4 received a nationwide rating of 3.1% and 2.7% respectively. Compared to previous episodes (3.6% and 3.4%), figures have continually dropped.


In addition, Great Seducer was the lowest ratings in its timeslot, which competed with episode 15 and 16 of Should We Kiss First? reaching 8.5% and 10.9% respectively. Radio Romance has steadily maintained its 2.9% audience rating.


Meanwhile, some netizens have been expressing their views on the results, blaming Red Velvet’s Joy for the low figures.

  • “Please stop giving roles to idols”
  • “The leading female character’s acting was awkward.”
  • “Joy needs more practice”
  • “I’ve never seen a high audience rating on a drama that stars Joy…The content is lame too, but some people don’t even bother to watch dramas if they star idols.”
  • “I don’t want to watch dramas with idols in them cause I can’t focus.”
  • “I wonder who keeps helping Joy get the leading roles…anyone can see she lacks in the acting department”


Joy plays the role of Eun Tae Hee, a 20-year-old student who has a fierce temper and thinks that the most pathetic thing ever is falling in love.


But time will tell how the drama concludes as it’s well known for idol-actors to act better and better as the show progresses!


Source: Sports Chosun

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