Here’s Why Red Velvet’s Joy And Crush Are So Compatible, According To Astrology

Their astrological compatibility is incredibly high!

Red Velvet‘s Joy and soloist Crush recently announced that they’re dating, and astrology shows they’re super compatible with each other!

Red Velvet’s Joy (left) and Crush (right) | @crushdoingthing/Twitter

Although they recently started dating, the stars indicate that Joy and Crush will have a great relationship.

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First of all, they’re both Earth signs. Crush was born on May 3, 1992, which makes him a Taurus.

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Joy was born on September 3, 1996, which makes her a Virgo.

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Earth signs are practical and reliable, so Joy and Crush can always count on each other! Their practicality and reliability also indicate that their relationship may be a long-lasting one.

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Tauruses are known for being extremely loyal, and they value commitment. They’re also an artistic sign, which may be why Crush has written so many great songs about love!

Crush performing “You and I” | KpopSerperiorNetwork/YouTube

Virgos are a highly analytical sign, which makes Joy the perfect balance for Crush’s artistic Earth sign. Virgos are logical and reasonable, and they value truth and justice.  Virgos are a highly analytical sign, which makes Joy the perfect balance for Crush’s artistic Earth sign.

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Taurus-Virgo relationships work extremely well because both signs are willing to put in the effort it takes to make the relationship last.

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Additionally, Taurus and Virgo are both incredibly understanding signs, and they bring out the best in each other. Taurus can be stubborn at times, and Virgo reminds them it’s okay to compromise. While we haven’t seen many public conversations between Crush and Joy, their signs indicate that they’ll have no problem communicating with each other!

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Virgos tend to get stressed out easily, and they’re prone to overthinking. Tauruses are more laidback, so Crush is the perfect person to calm Joy down if she starts to feel overwhelmed.

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Based on their signs, it looks like Crush and Joy will have a solid relationship! They’ll be able to talk to each other about anything, help each other grow as people, and enjoy plenty of cute dates like walking their dogs together.

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While we can’t predict the future, astrology indicates that these two are a great match!



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