Red Velvet’s Joy Knows Exactly What Kind Of Career She Would Have If She Wasn’t An Idol

She knows exactly what she’d do:

Whenever idols are asked about which career paths they would try if they weren’t entertainers, some idols know exactly what they would do while others have a few different ideas. For Red Velvet‘s Joy, she knows exactly what she would do!

In a recent TMI interview with GQ Korea, Joy was asked if there were any other jobs that she would like to try outside entertainment.

Without hesitating one second, Joy had her answer. If she had the opportunity, she would love to be a kindergarten teacher!

I would like to be a kindergarten teacher.

— Joy

She revealed that she absolutely loves how kids have a pure and innocent yet unpredictable behaviors

Singing and dancing together with children… I think I like children’s pure, innocent, yet unpredictable words and behaviors.

— Joy

This actually isn’t the first time that Joy has talked about teaching! She’s stated in several interviews that she would have pursued a career as a teacher if she hadn’t pursued music and was incredibly excited when she got the opportunity to become a substitute music teacher during a 2018 episode of Come See Me!

Hearing Joy once again reaffirm that she would like to try being a teacher made ReVeluvs everywhere feeling incredibly soft.

Fans have also expressed how much they would love to see Joy working with kids!

There’s absolutely no doubt that Joy would be an amazing teacher! You can check out what else Joy had to say on the topic in her GQ interview below:

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